Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack FREE Stars , cash , clothes , energy

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack tool

Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack tool

Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack

Join KIM KARDASHIAN on a red carpet adventure in Kim Kardashian Hollywood! Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!

*CREATE YOUR OWN STAR and customize your look with hundreds of style options, including Kim Kardashian’s personal picks!
*STAR in a huge interactive adventure as you encounter other celebs, dedicated fans, persistent paparazzi… and even hang out with Kim herself!
*RULE THE RED CARPET as an A-list movie actor, cover model, fashion designer and more – what you do is up to you!
*TAKE OVER L.A. in a virtual world complete with exclusive clubs, upscale boutiques, and luxury homes! Travel to New York City and Miami!
*DATE AND DUMP CELEBS at the best parties and hottest clubs! Flirt and become the next huge celebrity power-couple!
*BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG FOR THE RIDE using Facebook – help each other rise to fame, compare styles, send gifts, and see who can be the biggest star!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack tool

Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack tool

We are presenting our great hack tool for Kim Kardashian Hollywood. You can very fast and simply add any amount of Stars and Cash with just few steps.
All you need to do is to download the application from the link below,open it, set your amount of cash you need then just click on button “hack game”. Your account will be fully upgraded in just few seconds.

Kim.Kardashian.Hollywood.hack.tool” new features:

*add unlimited stars
*infinite amount of cash
*Generate energy
*Unlock all clothes


kim kardashian hollywood hack tool - Proof

kim kardashian hollywood hack tool – Proof

The hack tool works installed on any Android or iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, any other smartphones and tablets.

(for user who use mobile phones or tablets ,remember, you DON’T need any connection with Pc or laptop for use the app …just download on your device and open it. Hack will work 100%)


DOWNLOAD the Hack tool for Kim Kardashian Hollywood


(Press one of the 3 buttons, tweet ,share or google + for support us and unlock the links, if you don’t want, wait 100 seconds and locker will automatically disappear, Thank you)

PLEASE note that all what we offer is FULL tested , 100% safe & secure for download


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239 comments on “Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack FREE Stars , cash , clothes , energy

  1. Hey man, you can make a hack for a direct Range Rover for my Kim character??? :-)

    Just joking, but from yesterday when i get your hack , now i own a helicopter not just a car XOXO
    thanks a lot, have a great day

  2. Hello
    Can you email a link. Thanks a million.

  3. Hello there, I found your hack here, but i can use it on my xperia phone?

  4. Thanks for sharing. Regards

  5. All true, tested myself few seconds ago and worked to add cash & stars (didn’t try yet to add energy or others, but i will come later with another review)
    Also i must admit i would have preferred to have the Kardashian game hack without complete an offer before but… all’s well when ends well
    So thank you a lot Mr. Admin

  6. Hello, i come to thank you for help and also for hack (even some days ago i send an ugly comment, sorry about it)
    thanks again

  7. appreciate it , keep up

  8. +1 from me, this is an AAA+ hack, simple and easy to use, 100% efficiency

  9. what can i say , i searched 3 weeks a hack for game , no offense but this one seems to be THE ONLY ONE who works for me ….. all internet are full with craps , i still can’t believe this hack worked so good.

    That’s why i writing this, maybe i can at least, reward the owner of this site with a good review,

    so thank you…. i even don’t know your name, so i will say “BIG thank you Admin”

    all the best, good luck

  10. hey there
    i have your page link for Kims hack from Ameria , a friend of mine that download your hack few days ago, and i have to say it’s amazing, so simple.
    anyway apologize if i’m talking offtopic here, just wanted to say THANK YOU for this . even we don’t know eachother.

  11. hello!
    the hack really helps me a lot in last period, and i’m surprised that is so very simple to use.
    why don’t you make your hack public, like that one from “angelarm” a lot of people will be interested in that i bet

  12. good

  13. Hello Web Admin, I’m very grateful that you hacking Kim Kardashian game.
    You can hack also others games? i need a hack for a similar game, can you help me?

  14. Hello & Cheers , it’s a pleasure to come back and thank you for the hack after i tried it

  15. i am not sure exactly how you make this application to add stars and energy or cash in my account so easy , but who cares?
    thank you a lot!

  16. I always spent hours to make a hack work for a game and for nothing , but this time i can say I LOVE YOU
    worked perfect and easy, and i remaining at same level, of god, where you been all this time??
    I really appreciate no offense , thank you

  17. Lucky me I found your website
    many thanks

  18. does this hack work for kindle fire devices?

    • yes, for sure (you can check that a lot of other users install it on kindle fire)
      thank you

  19. thanks for application that allow me to add cash in my account bro
    And really loved what you say here , good job amigo

  20. Can you make the hack work on lenovo tablet?
    Please let me know. Many thanks

  21. Great . Keep it up

  22. I followed all the steps and downloaded the file to my Galaxy s5 but i cant find it anywhere. Any ideas where it could be?

    • ohh man, search on download section idk
      at samsung probably in my files > all files > downloads

      is simple , if i can help you in other way, let me know

  23. many thanks

  24. Thank you also for the hack, i really appreciate that you make it worked right.

    Btw i’m Gillian , all i want from you is to contact me and maybe you can help me with a problem. i need some “special” help in other application for iphone and you seems to be an expert in this kind of stuff
    So i ask you kindly to give me a skype address or something where i can find you.
    THank you

  25. exactly, this Application to hack the Kim game is ******* awesome dude, this is the true, all the best *******

    • ok, i appreciate your point, but PLEASE use PROPERLY words
      (i censored a part of your msg this time, if will happen again i will not aprove your msg anymore)

      See’ya all

  26. I completed the survey I have a Samsung Galaxy S5

    • please send me again the msg. thank you

      • How do I get the hack?

      • Shared on google + but surveys not available in my country, Trinidad. Please help!

  27. Excellent, shared you on my facebook wall

  28. HEY ADMIN , no offers available for my country (sudan)
    i can pay you something on paypal or where you wish, PLEASE give me the kardashian hack, i can;t find anywhere one who works, this yours i’m sure will save me. pleaseee

    • is not necessary to pay me somehow, stay calm.
      I just send you a mail on address you use in comment. see you there

  29. I downloaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    • send your full msg again please if you have any question
      thank you

  30. Will this in any way mess up my phone?? I have a galaxy s4 And I’m worried my phone will get a virus or something

    • LOL… do you think i’m that kind of hacker??? :)))
      if i was , i can assure you i didn’t try to make a penny from this type of hack for games… sadly but true

      So, the answer is NO, you have nothing to worry about, is just a simple cheat tool , who worked additional with game, and will help you to add cash energy stars in you Kim Kardashian Hollywood account. Nothing more
      enjoy it, and next time, believe that over 12.000 people who downloaded from my site already.

      THANK you

  31. I have android. Motorola droid RAZR m

    • if you use for sure android, then hack will work, no doubt

  32. give it to me the hack

    • you can take yourself , you lazy boy/girl , is right there up, you have to chose one of that 3 links, depends what device you use.
      thank you

  33. many thanks from Dublin

  34. very useful your hack tool, thank you

  35. you crazy man did this hack tool worked for real :))) i can’t believe i finally added tones of cash to my account
    happy lalalala Bring me down… my level’s too high… lalalal i’m happy
    i thank you with this review so we are good now , great week to all

    • lol????
      control yourself people…
      just joking , thank you to

      • i will give you a good & positive review man, you really deserve

        + + + AAA hack tool … believe me girls , i search by over a week till i found a good hack application, and here is , this kims hack worked like the owner of website says.

        thank you again

  36. confirmed myself that this kardashian game application hack worked properly

  37. I don’t understand, I realy want this hack :|

  38. agree with them, you’re awesome dude, the easiest way ever to add stuff for Kardashian game/

    why the hell i did not found you earlier? :_)))))

  39. wonderful job, thank you for energy & cash yo

  40. true, 100% worked , all the best

  41. I downloaded it on my ipad and it worked fine


  43. Does this hack worked for my ipad with ios beta?

    • if you already play the Kardashian game there,and the game working fine, also the hack will work for sure on your ipad.
      Thank you

  44. i share on my facebook page, ty

  45. Is this free

  46. thank you admin

  47. How do I install it? Does it require a jail broken phone?

    • no jailbreak
      after download kim kardashian hollywood hack for your device, open it like a normal app.
      is very easy to use. enjoy it

  48. I have a galaxy s5.

  49. While trying and trying to complete the survey, a box pop “no offers available for your country” admin do help pls.

    • from what country you are are, let me check and see how we can resolve your problem.
      THank you.

      • I have a iPhone 4s what should I do?

        • Just follow the steps… Complete one from the 5 offers shows to you (simple refresh page to give you another offers if none of the first 5 you like)… after you complete one of the offer, you download will start automatically
          then in few seconds you will be able to open the hack application and add the features in your game account.
          Very easy to use…
          Enjoy it, if you have any other question, ask me

  50. How do I “complete the survey”???

    • i don’t know what surveys you have there.
      Surveys are not the same, their depends by the country you are.
      You have atleast 5 options of offers there, chose one of them you like, can’t be hard at all i’m sure.
      Good luck.

      • … can you help me?
        Thank you:)

  51. thank you

  52. download from Safari.

  53. link for the iPad, do you need some special app apart from the kim Kardashian game app?

    • what do you mean?
      you have there 3 links for download, that cover all platforms you can have.
      for ipad you need to chose “iOs” link with extension .ipa

      THank you.

  54. I completed survey for car insurance and signed up for I-Say

  55. File downloaded on my galaxy s4 fine but I did download the apk file.

  56. real hack , love it, THANK YOU for this easy version of kardashian game hack

  57. I already subscribe can you me w

  58. Do i have to download on computer or can i just download on my phone ?

    • use direct your phone if you play the game there, is easy to use, don;t worry.

  59. can i get it once for 2 diferent iphone ?
    Please need kim kardashian hollywood hack for my iphone 5 and nokia maybe?
    worked my friends but need 2 phones

  60. good job,thx

  61. using my samsung tab, kardashian hollywood hack work good.
    but what need to do for my mini galaxy samsung?

  62. Tweeted => access link => completed offer => downloaded app => open => add stars & cash => HAPPY => THANKS

  63. Announcement

    After a month since i created the hack for Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, I’m happy to say that we have over 10.000 people who downloaded this application and i’m glad to know that i make a lot of users happy with my hack, giving them the opportunity to add on their account unlimited stars , cash & energy , or unlock all clothes.

    Thank you again for support, i will be up to date with this hack always, working everyday to improve even better and been 100% sure that everyone who download my hack tool will be happy & grateful for all this.

    • it says no offer in my from Nigeria.pls help

      • Ok , let me check what is about and if i can do something.
        Thank you


  65. run perfect,much thank

  66. Why cant i complete the survey?!!!

    • i don’t know, try again, refresh page ,etc is very easy , i’m sure you can handle this. Thank you

  67. Why do you have me doing freaking surveys ?!

    • Why do you search kim kardashian hollywood hack? to get resources in game for free, and save real money, and have advantages?
      Then you come here, and say why i put you to make a FUC*ing survey? i don’t come to you and don’t ask for nothing…you come here yourself
      At least you have ANY IDEA how a hack like this can be created? how much money and time i invest ?(except my knowledge in the field)
      so please…give me a break

      • good choice for me, gracias

  68. There will be a way of not paying a second time? I have already downloaded on my iPad and now I want it for my android.

    • if you can prove you already complete an offer and downloaded for your ipad, and you like how it works, i will send you the android hack for free

  69. Like on my phone

  70. this hack work on my iphone 4s?

    • yes.

  71. Worked , thank you for tips

  72. “Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack” – Successful Installation
    you are the man, thanks

  73. how can add more friends need some tips, i want new friends (thanks for hack kim kardashian)

    • I’m not sure i understand what you want, i don’t know any tips for adding friends or something like that

  74. Can i pay you direct in cash for hack? i want it directly , with no other complication.

    • No need to pay me, complete one of the offer (or surveys) from that list of 5 , that’s all, don’t be lazy ;)

  75. Finally i got it, awesome

  76. great, ty

  77. lol so easy :)) didnt expected at all, thank you for hack

  78. Does this work for a kindle fire

    • yes for sure.
      Enjoy it! thank you

  79. Almost done all steps, can you help me with something?

  80. Thank you

  81. thank you
    work good. add all stars i need and cash for my new car
    i will share with my friends your hack for sure

    • thanks, but please do not share direct my kim kardashian hollywood hack tool, you can share my links if you want, i will appreciate this.

  82. its making me do a survey :( i really want this hack

    • it’s your decision after all ;)

  83. Great application man, how you make it?
    can you share your method?

  84. Hey, so I have a problem
    I have a Galax s5 and I downloaded this hack toold with no problems
    But the file cannot open
    What do I do?

    • Like i said in previous comments i have galaxy s5 and work great on it.
      Also other people says it’s working like a charm on s5.
      So check if you download the right extension, i mean for your samsung galaxy s5 , must download ONLY “android” (extenstion apk) … not ipa or exe
      Check again and come back if worked.

  85. thank you for hack, bye

  86. thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU

  87. Retweeted for you your tweet:
    “Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack
    Just tested it and works fine , very easy to use.


  88. Do you have to complete the surveys first?

  89. Does this work on my macbook? or should i download the hack on my windows laptop?

    • Work for all device who use Mac OS X 10 or higher & all ios device, means all most for ALL apple platforms (except very old ones from 13 years ago for example)
      so YES work for sure on your macbook

      thank you

  90. Do I have to do the surveys?

    • something like that, is your decision if you do or not.
      Thank you.

  91. Can’t I just get the link without doing an offer?

    • no sorry.
      People spend thousand of dollars for what i offer you for free…so i don’t think i ask to much from people who want a real kim kardashian hollywood hack.
      Thank you

      • this man is right, you can’t have all for nothing. He do a favour for you , you must do something in change.
        Respect, thank you.

  92. worked fine, no problem for me

  93. downloaded on my iphone 5, if my brother want it he need to download himself or i can give it my one?
    I mean if will work on his iphone if he take it from me. thank you, need your answer

    • Hello.
      yes will work, why not, but please, DO NOT share my hack with other people, is not ok for me, you understand…
      share with your brother but no more then that.
      Thank you.

  94. YOU MADE MY DAY boy, respect

  95. ty for hack, shared on my twitter

  96. hey bro how you make this hacks? can you teach me?

    • If i ask a doctor how to do brain surgery , and he explain me, do you think will help me somehow ? :)))

  97. Hey admin, my girlfriend download your kardashian hollywood hack and says it worked.
    Can i ask you please if you have any hack for Rival Knights game? is a new game launched by Gamesoft , please make a hack for it,please i can’t find one real

    • i will check tonight to see what is about. If will be possible and if will be more requests for this “rival knights hack” i will share here on my site next days.
      Thank you.

  98. This Kim Kardashian hack work on my iphone 5 if i don’t have updated my ios to ultimate version? please tell me

    • Of course, has nothing to do if you have your ios updated to last version or not.

      Again i will say, READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE,it says clearly, “the kim kardashian hollywood hack works on ALL iOS & android devices”

      to be more explicit, AS LONG AS your device support the GAME, is logic and 100% SURE that will support this kim kardashian hollywood hack.

      Thank you all

  99. good

  100. I posted it on google+ and refreshed and waited 60 seconds but it didn’t work. I read all your replays to questions but it is not working. I have an iPad, is that part of the reason it isn’t working?

    • Was some problems with page because of huge amount of visitors traffic, all is fine now, work properly for sure.
      Thank you

      • Hi tweeted it and I did not see the link? Do I look on twitter or on here please help me thanks.

        • i will explain again…
          first, is a locker there that ask you to share, tweet or google+1 …if you do that you will be able to see 3 download links (for ios, android, windows)
          IF YOU , don’t want to share, or you can’t or you have a problem, just WAIT 100 seconds (you have a timer on right corner) and locker will disappear after that
          So is SOOOO easy… you can share or tweet my page to unlock instant the links or wait few seconds and locker will disappear without requiring you to do something.

          Thank you.

          • can you help me?

          • of course, how can i help you?

  101. hard hard hard but finally succeed. Thanks

  102. hack worked (but can you help me with something else, i beg you. Im sure you have idea about my problem)
    Please reply me or send me a mail at this adress

  103. this guy here give me a easy hack for Kim’s game that work like he said.
    Kisses from Grace.

    P.S. for all who want to try hacks from “skgame or pixcheat or win…blalbla” they DIDN’T work i already try them :))

    • Thank you but PLEASE do not advertise other sites here.
      Is not my business what they offer.

  104. Its says no offers in my country and I live in America …

    • probably was a “display” error for you, are at least 5 offers from US permanent.
      Refresh the page, should be ok.

      Thank you!

  105. Hello. I have a samsung galaxy s5. Can i use your hack, does it work on my phone?
    And i need another device for connect it?

    • 1)Yes, will work for sure, i have same phone and like i said work for all android device & ios.
      2) NO , you dont need any device , just download and open on your phone.

      )please read description boys/girls, i explain that already.)

      Enjoy the game!

  106. It said no offers available for my country : (

    • from what country are you? i will check if is any available
      Thank you

      • I checked back & it’s available now thanks.

  107. Where’s the download link!???????

    • is there…Refresh your page or take a look again…you have all info you need there
      Thank you

  108. Thank you for help, really nice job

    OFFtopic: add me in game who wants jaffydanda#

  109. All worked until the add part can someone explain

    • Be more explicit, where are you blocked? How can i help you

      • thank you, share facebook already

  110. If i already download for my iphone , can i get it for free that one for android please?

    • ok, give me your email i’ll send you there directly

  111. new clothes are awesome (‘-‘)

    add me: SayekHalma

  112. +1 I struggled a bit but I finally managed, gratzie

  113. Someone please help, I need this hack!!!!

    • how i can help you?

      • When I click on the link, it says to complete a survey first. Do I have to do that to get the down Load?

        • yes, its very simple and easy. good luck
          enjoy your game, thank you.

          • After I share the link what do I do? I shared it on my twitter

          • So I have done the survey also and and shared it on Twitter so wtf?? it’s fucked me I’m not doing a other one I have a million telemarketers calling and emailing please give me this hack. I have gone through the stupid surveys.

      • Can you help me, bye hacking my game ? :-) if you play it your self ?

        • what do you mean? The hack is already there, you can download it yourself

          • I downloaded this hack on my galaxy 5s

  114. brilliant app, so easy to add energy , love it

  115. shared, nice app

  116. Danke Danke much gracias

  117. Thank you Sir. Shared on my page already

  118. i hate that we have to do a survey…

    • maybe…but nobody force you

  119. I have tried to tweet the link but it won’t work it just takes me too some account that doesn’t exist @sessions

    • If you can’t tweet or you don’t want , you also have option to wait 60 second , and locker disappear. Enjoy it!

  120. It says I have to complete an offer before downloading the hack?????¿¿¿

    • yeah, is true, i ask too much?
      If yes, go and spend tones of real $$$ for features i give you for free.
      So please…search one for free

  121. how i add energy? can you tell me please???

  122. download it, work properly thanks

  123. thanks too

  124. ty for cheat

  125. i was DESPERATE for energy & stars …then find you on twitter. SINGLE HACK that works , trust me i tried 5 before this one. THank you a lot man, i share your page and will tell to all my girls,all the best

    • good hack, thx

    • is for real OMG, thank you guys

  126. thank you again for the link , glad to see it’s work like you describe

  127. Where’s the download link?

    • Check again is there on the bottom of page. Thanks

  128. I tweeteted but still doesn’t give me a download link??

    • Download link is there, just refresh your page. Thanks

  129. dankedanke

  130. Excellent , good one

  131. god bless you :)))) ty

  132. awesome, ty for hack

  133. completed , thank you

  134. Do you think i can download for my HTC one m8 ? please tell me

    • htc works with android so yes

  135. belle triche merci beaucoup

  136. love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Thank’s

  138. Are there hack links for the kindle fire? If so link please?

    • as i know , kindle fire use android operating system, if is not tell me what you need i will do my best.

  139. Really appreciate , is the single hack that actually work properly. 10X (i will share your page on my FB & twitter).

  140. gran hack, que realmente está trabajando, gracias

  141. How do get this hack. I tweeted it but the download link didn’t open

    • Just refresh your page , or open again, after you share page with one of that 3 buttons there(twitter FB or google+) you will be 100% able to see the download links. Thank you.

      • many thank

      • Thank you for help admin, finally make it work how you said.


  142. thank you for help

  143. how i add energy & star?

    • You need to download the app (are 3 links there, chose one for your device) open it properly like any other app, select what you need in that window and click on “hack” button. That’s all

      • found you on twitter , thanks for tips easy to use your hack

        • share or twwet my page on your profile if you want
          thank you

          • I hear all over the net you have the real hack, can you give me? i will apreciate it

      • Download wat app

  144. Thx for sharing, is awesome this hack

  145. Thank you!

  146. Thx for tips on Twitter for kardashian hack , really appreciate your tweet. i will pin it on my page #BrissTJB (I’ll keep my word)

  147. HAHAHA it works, so much ENERGY….. means NO sleep for me in the next 100 hours :)))

    • not my fault ;) Enjoy the game!

  148. OMG this one really works THAAAAAAANK YOUUUUU XOXOXO

    • LoL.. of course it’s work , please share with your friends. THanks

      • very good job ,all the best

  149. great hack m8, didn’t expected to work but i was surprised to see the hack is real. Keep going

    • Thank you. please share my page on your twitter or FB page if you want. :)

      • ohhh i’m glad i give your page on more hope, the only kardashian hollywood hack that worked in a way. Gracias

      • jaja many thank you

  150. Samsung Galaxy S3

  151. I downloaded the file on my galaxy s3 %^$#

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